You may prefer cheap products for your skin care. So what is difference between cheap skin care products and certified organic skin care products ?

Everyone wants a glowing and flawless skin. We use expensive skin care products, regularly visit the beauty parlours and spend alot of money to get the perfect look. However, lots of people are seen to have skin problems. Some have acne prone skin; some suffer from painful pimples; some have dull skin while some have blemishes and dark circles. All these things reduce your charm and effect your mental health. It means “Say hello to Stress!”  As you see all connected to each other..

There are various cosmetics available however you should always choose certified organic skin care products in order to protect your skin health.

You must have seen that in the past few decades, the use of organic products has increased. People all around the world are demanding organic food and organic cosmetics. They have become more aware of nature as the conventionally produced products contain ingredients which can severally affect the environment in long run. Whereas the organic beauty products are cleaner and free from harmful ingredients.

Major Benefits of Using Certified Organic Skin Care Products

The organic products are natural and mostly preservative free. They do not harm the skin like the conventionally produced beauty products. When everything is available in nature what is the need to apply chemicals to the skin. The largely sold beauty products contain harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, cyclosiloxane, bisphenol A, nitrosamine, glycol ether etc. These chemicals affect not only the outer skin but the internal body also. We all know there are small pores in our bodies. With the continuous usage of these kind of products, the harmful chemicals can enter your body therough these pores and may result in serious diseases. So it is always suggested to use the certified organic skin care products. They may cost you few bucks more but will ensure the long-term safety.

How You will recognise Certified Organic Skin Care Products

In United States, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has requirements and standards to define organic products. Certified organic skin care products have USDA stamp and/or USDA comliance texts on them.

Certified Organic Skin Care Products


Here are organic skin care tips which you should always try to follow..

1- Go slow while you switch to certified organic skin care products

It is suggested not to replace all the beauty products that you use with the organic ones. Your skin may react abnormally as you were using the chemicals on your body in all the previous years. Additionally, organic products are a bit expensive so if you purchase lots of organic beauty products in one go then it will cost you too much. Thus always start with one product and eventually move to other products with time. In this way, you can also notice the effects of organic products on your skin and find out if you are allergic to any ingredient used.

2- Avoid products which have a strong smell

The ingredients used for smell may result in skin irritation. So always try to purchase products which have a mild fragrance. This will not only give relief to your nose but skin also. However, if you love strong fragrance around you, do not forget to check whether it is produced by using all natural ingredients. Always check the label on the product and ensure it has the organic seal from a known body. Also, the ingredient list is 100% authentic. Certified organic skin care products should be preferable when you intend to buy.

3- Change the lifestyle you follow

Using beauty products that are organic, is not enough. You must bring a complete change in your lifestyle if you want to see early and long-lasting results. Eat nutritious food and adopt healthy habits. Try whatever you eat, it should be organic. For this, you can grow organic vegetables in your own garden also so that your monthly budget does not get affected. You should also do yoga regularly. Yoga is a proven way to get a healthy body. Do asanas like Pranayama, Bhramri, Kapal Bhati, Bhujangasamln etc. This will not only make your skin glowing but improve your overall health also.

Follow these tips for some months to notice a magical shine and radiance in your skin. If you have any bad experience on uncertified skin care products please share with us.

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