In the first edition of our International Editor’s Spotlight, we explore what dominating insights, trends and strategies the Chinese market, and players in it, are adopting to captivate both global consumers and brands.

1. C-beauty

Following in the footsteps of its neighbouring regions, Korea and Japan, China hopes to further elevate its position as the innovative and popular beauty spot by creating C-beauty​.

Both K-beauty and J-beauty have witnessed uptake and have created loyal followings by leveraging strong brand messages, cultural backstories and placing and leveraging marketing strategies to build loyal communities.

Chinese retailers are developing existing online-to-offline strategies to harness relationships and engagement with consumers. M-commerce, e-commerce and the use of virtual and augmented reality are pushing China into the next retail era.

Ultimately, “the Chinese beauty industry has escalated in recent years, taking inspiration from popular brands and products, and adapting them to cater to the needs and tastes of Chinese consumers”,​ shared Sharon Kwek, Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst of Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel.

2. Global names and positive sales

Accelerated growth in the Chinese cosmetics sphere is impacting significantly on the brands choosing to operate in the marketplace.

In August, we saw Estée Lauder surpass the $1 billion (€862 million) threshold in China​, representing 29% growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unilever is also expanding its logistical operations​ in the country by teaming up with Chinese e-commerce company to extend its reach and customer service capabilities to 99% of China.

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