2019-05-15 19:37:11


12 Self-tanners That Won’t Turn You Orange—No Matter How Pale You Are

I left my tanning addiction where it belongs—in 2011, along with sunscreens of less than SPF 30 and the term GTL. In 2019 we all know the importance of practicing safe sun and wouldn’t dream of passing around baby oil by the pool as if its a bottle of rosé. Still, it’s around this time of year, when the weather finally decides to get its act together, that I realize a long winter of tights and a lack of vitamin D has done my pasty skin no favors. I know I’m not alone in this.

And yet finding enough Glamour staffers willing to test self-tanners was shockingly difficult. Chalk it up to the fact that—even after years of innovation—sunless tanners have maintained a bad rap for looking streaky, splotchy, and orange. The good news is that the latest batch of self-tanners, towelettes, and creams are anything but, and these testimonies from some former skeptics are proof. Vinny and Pauly D. from Jersey Shore might be back on TV, but the days of looking fake-baked are long gone. Here are the 12 best self-tanners of 2019 according to Glamour editors.

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