There are lots of great things about the warmer months – think long sunny days at the beach, balmy nights and barbecues – but for the beauty junkies among us, the best part about summer is the scents that come with it. 

A time of year when sun cream, salty sea and coconut cocktails reign supreme, beauty brands shrewdly tap into our love affair with whiffs that remind us of summer holidays.

The result? You get to smell like you’ve spent the entire day soaking up the rays at the beach, even if you’ve really been stuck in the office.

And we’re not just talking fragrances here – from buttery body creams to cooling sprays and bubble baths, the distinctive scent of summer has been bottled to cater for all your beauty needs.

One of the most popular ranges of the moment is from blogger and entrepreneur Zoe Sugg aka Zoella; her new Splash Botanics line features a number of lustworthy creations including a bath milk, moisturising wash and body sorbet, all infused with hydrating coconut water and lychee.

Zoella Beauty’s Splash Botanics range is infused with coconut water and lychee

Another brand known for its seasonal offerings, The Body Shop has extended its existing Banana Truly collection – which includes a scented shampoo, conditioner and hair mask – with a whole host of new skincare products.

Here, you’ll find everything from body butter to body yogurt and shower cream made using Community Trade organic banana purée from Ecuador and packaged in punchy Warhol-esque banana art. 

The Body Shop has extended its banana range to include skincare products

But while both these ranges are well worth a gander, perhaps the pinnacle for any beauty lover come summer is the return of Estée Lauder’s cult Bronze Goddess collection.

A stalwart on the beauty scene, Estée Lauder reissues its much-loved fragrance every summer to satisfy the needs of fans that repurchase it year after year. 

Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess collection has returned for another year

Now though, the brand has gone one step further and added a number of new additions to its Bronze Goddess line-up, including the Eau Fraiche Skinscent, Cooling Body Gelee, Salt Spray for Hair and Body Shimmer Oil.

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