Those looking for natural and organic skincare products may want to consider beauty products from Bali.

On the island, beauty enthusiasts can find a wide range of skincare products made of natural ingredients, such as raw coconut oil produced in Tabanan or various essential oils.   

Furthermore, the brands are also eco-friendly and promotes the locals, giving even more reason to try it.

Curious much? Those who want to try Bali-based organic skincare brands should check out the list below.

Bali Balance

Bali Balance produces vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free skincare products.

Founder Nadja Nufer told The Jakarta Post via email that all the products were made on the Island of the Gods, free of chemicals and parabens. Moreover, the skincare products were also eco-friendly as they were reef safe and sustainable.

In regard to ingredients, Bali Balance uses raw coconut oil produced in Tabanan.

“The oil is produced within one hour of opening the coconut with no electricity and waste,” explained Nufer, adding that the company supported local farmers.

As for the products, Nufer recommended Bali Balance Face Serum 24/7. Priced at Rp 250,000 (US$17.39), the serum features natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, raw coconut oil, essential oils and cucumber extracts, to nourish the face.

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Sensatia Botanicals

Founded in 2000, Sensatia Botanicals is another Bali-based brand that supports locals.

The company applies a profit-sharing cooperative by distributing 20 percent of its profits to its employees.

As one of the longest-standing skincare brands in Bali, Sensatia Botanicals offers a range of products, including cleanser, toner and serum.

First-timers may want to try the original Soapless Facial Cleanser. Made of ylang ylang, essential oil, petitgrain and aloe vera extract, the cleanser removes the dirt while maintaining the skin’s natural oil.

Utama Spice

Ubud-based skincare brand Utama Spice is said to combine traditional Balinese herbal knowledge with natural ingredients.

The products are handcrafted by a team of young women aged under 30 living in surrounding villages.

Some of its popular products include Begone Bug Spray and Face Serum.

The former is a natural insect repellent that is safe for children. With a starting price of Rp 27,000 ($1.87), the spray is affordable and can be used by all family members.

Meanwhile, the Face Serum consists of organic Argan oil, cacao, jojoba essential oil and virgin coconut oil, to maintain a youthful radiance. (wng)


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