Makeup that will be popular in the coming season, suggests experimenting with textures, colors, techniques and effects. The most difficult thing is to decide on what occasion do make a glamorous style of the 70’s, and what — to draw a Canary-yellow arrow.

Precious metals

The decade which is firmly associated with fierce glamour — 70s, returns to new interpretations in the autumn and winter season, and makeup artists capture the mood of that era with metallic luster. However, a large shimmer of last season gave way to a metallic Shine which gives the eyes depth. Chrome effect looks exquisite, and Shine now is not at all reminiscent of the glamorous makeup from the 90s.

We’re talking about lights that have evolved

says Lin Desnoyer about the new “lit” images of autumn-winter season.

Color, Shine and wet effect… These metal elements make the eyes is particularly attractive, especially against the background of perfect clear skin. We add new texture, the makeup in General looks restrained, so the image of the 70’s looks current. Our goal is not to recreate Petrobras and transmit energy, the aesthetics of this decade without overloading your face with makeup

says mark, Carrasquillo.

We’re going back to the late 90’s-early 2000’s, when all the polls were dressed in silver and gold (regardless of season). Metallic shades and shimmer — it’s definitely something that is in the trend. If gold lipstick — this is for you too, start with brilliant liner for lips, it will help to place the necessary emphasis, recommends makeup artist brand, Marc Jacobs Beauty Hector Espinal.

“Makeup without makeup”

Natural makeup never goes down, but only slightly transformed with each season. Makeup artists are not trying to change facial features, but only discreetly emphasize them. This became possible thanks to new technologies of production of beauty products: now a matte finish you can get with no chalky effect and radiance — without the glossy Shine. Therefore makeup artists often prefer the naked skin.

If you use Foundation, it should be completely invisible,

says Sammy Mourabit.

For Alex, the Box “addition of organic elements in the makeup fills it with emotions and feelings”. So it speaks of a gentle blush, nudemom pigment on the eyelids and natural eyebrows.

Cold and warm tones on the cheeks — the main detail in the new season, as well as matte leather.

Natural, well-groomed, elastic skin with a matte finish

says Miranda Joyce.

Unusual hands

“The main thing — perfect execution of form, which usually is broken, or the classic arrow-50s, lit glitter, explains Lin Desnoyer new standards of black eyeliner. — We are playing with the nature of the liner. Today is a smeared, uneven line can be as glamorous and perfect as a long, feathered arrow”. That’s what Gordon Espine calls “to intervene in the classics”.

We arrange colored accents

Tsiklamenovy pink, greenish-blue, Canary-yellow, UV green, emerald green and orange… new palette invites us to consider makeup as an art form. The idea of applying a single stroke of pigment on the eyes (or the lips, although judging by the catwalks, this season the main focus are the eyes) is gaining in influence since its appearance in last season. Makeup does not have something matching. He plays by the rules. The main thing — more negligence and imagination (the effect of chalk, multicolor abstraction and unusual combination of colors — is not only not forbidden, but encouraged).

Chocolate lips

Resistance is futile: the brown lipstick, the popular 90s came back (remember how twenty years ago Victoria Beckham was performing in crop tops and lipstick lipstick coffee?). Try the brown shade, as the actress Constance Wu. Many other celebrities also dare to follow the trend. Among his brave followers were noted Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Olivia Palermo and Kristen Stewart. Girls with porcelain skin is better to choose the cold shades of chocolate, and the red should prefer warm colors. Brunettes will go to mahogany shades and blond shades of cappuccino. The main rule — the lipstick should be matte.

Constance Wu

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