Summer isn’t just about going on vacation, taking trips to the beach and fun in the sun – it’s also an exciting time for fresh looks from hair to makeup and even for your fingers and toes. 

 This summer, people are opting for a more natural approach to nails in bright and vivid colors.

“People don’t want to use harsh chemicals on their hands and nails anymore,” said Ladybug Nails manager Tina Nguyen. “We offer organic nails with no chemicals that dry in the air and contain calcium and vitamin E.”

According to Nguyen, bright and bold neon colors are very popular, but for those who aren’t sure what color to go with, a classic French manicure in pink and white is perfect for summer. With sandal season upon us, pedicures are also in, featuring scents like lavender, mango, cucumber, jasmine, honeydew and other scents that are reminiscent of a beach vacation. 

When it comes to hair, highlights including balayage continue to be popular, but solid colors are also making a comeback, including platinum blonde. Single, one-dimensional colors are easier to maintain, and besides icy blonde, darker shades of brown are also trending.

“The bleached-out blonde is really popular this summer,” said Vicky Galloway, hair stylist at Hair by Vicky at Shearz Salon. “Single shades are easier to take care of, because you only have to touch up the roots every four to five weeks. They are also cheaper than getting highlights.”

As always, highlights and balayage are a great way to give your hair a sun-kissed look. Balayage highlights are painted on, giving the appearance that the sun has naturally lightened your hair.

“Balayage highlights are great, especially on virgin hair,” said Galloway. “You paint the hair with hair color, and since it’s not right at the root, you don’t have to come in and have it redone every few weeks. It will basically last the whole summer before you need a touch-up.” 

When it comes to summer cuts, the shag and bangs are making a comeback. This summer’s shag is a no-fuss hairstyle with a side part and natural layers. Long bangs are also popular, which can be brushed or clipped back. 

Boys’ hairstyles are also no-fuss for summer, which differs from popular girls’ styles, which are full of bright colors.

“Long hair and fantasy colors, using extensions or actual colors, are popular with girls,” said Kim Solarski, Tangles Salon manager. “Mermaid colors are also very popular.”

For boys, short and clean styles are in.

“Popular boys’ cuts are shaved on the lower part of the head, longer on top and are often swooped to the side,” said Solarski. 

Finally, no summer look is complete without makeup. From dewy natural looks to sunset eyes, this summer’s makeup trends are dreamy. Nude looks are this summer’s go-to for makeup. Ditch the eyeshadow and stick with a good moisturizer and sunscreen, which will not only offer protection from the sun’s rays but will also give your skin a dewy look. Pairing it with a lip stain and mascara completes the simple, natural look. 

Another makeup trend is to give your face a sun-kissed appearance. 

“For the perfect summer sun-kissed makeup look, try our jojoba foundation for a weightless secret veil of color that will give you a natural radiance,” said Patricia Barreda-LoPiano, owner of MADE Cosmetics. “Try a Candleglow foundation to add a kiss of sunlight and to highlight and accent your features; a lavender stick to awaken your eyes; a blushed lip and cheek stain for flirty cheeks and a rose pout bronzer for a natural, sunless tan.”

Barreda-LoPiano also recommends using a 24/7 lip treatment to promote collagen while keeping your lips healthy and hydrated.  

Hair by Vicky Galloway at Shearz Salon is located at 415 W. Third St., in Antioch. For more information, call 925-778-5575. Tangles Salon is located at 7730 Brentwood Blvd., Suite A, in Brentwood. For more information, call 925-240-0333. Ladybug Nails is located at 2430 Sand Creek Road, in Brentwood. For more information, call 925-626-5478. MADE Cosmetics is located at 2455 Sand Creek Road, Suite 112, in Brentwood. For more information, call 925-308-5167 or visit

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