As we now live in the age where the emphasis has shifted from makeup to great skincare, it comes as no surprise that the beauty industry has gone to great lengths and made great strides towards catering to a variety of skin types and concerns. Makeup should represent a form of artistic expression and a tool with which to emphasize our already achieved natural flawlessness, not an armor or a mask that is to hide our issues. Piling makeup on as a way of sweeping skin issues under the rug can only make matters worse, so instead of avoiding your given issue, face it head on, and make it go away once and for all.

As said, the beauty industry has created incredible range of topical solutions for literally every skin concern, so why not take advantage of all these wonderful products and address the issues at hand? Now, the reason we’re placing the emphasis on overnight treatments is beauty sleep, which is a real thing. Our body and skin use the night to repair themselves, making the pre-snooze time the best time to help the replenishing and rebooting process along with some amazing products, so let’s discover what they are.

Away with acne

Adult acne are a very common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean we have to stand there and suffer through it. Aside from a daytime skincare regimen and products that are best for dealing with this issue – one of the most popular ingredients is tea tree oil and products based on it. However, when it comes to nighttime, which calls for a double cleanse, one of the best products you can put to use and hit the hay is the Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Overnight Clearing Gel. The reason this product trumps most others is that it’s non-drying, unlike most acne-fighting products, it contains such ingredients as salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin, as well as rosemary and spiraea extracts, which are there to destroy all the bacteria, and of course, the famous tea tree oil which soothes the skin. Just apply the gel on target areas, and go to bed.

As for those who are done with acne and are left with the aftermath – acne scars, there is the DNA regeneration serum for fresh acne, and for those really persistent old scars, turn to the amazing Proactiv Advanced Dark Spot Correcting.

Return the plumpness

A well-hydrated and nourished skin is plum, radiant and glowing. However, both those who have dry skin and even those who battle oily yet dehydrated skin are in dire need of some serious help from hyaluronic acid. This particular acid is actually an integral part of our skin, and its main job is to retain the precious water and thus make the skin plump and alive.

Now, while it’s true that our skin is partly made from it, it can certainly use some help from topical solutions as well. The highly effective nighttime hyaluronic acid serum is the perfect product for the job, as the light consistency of the serum easily penetrates the dermis, and subsequently brings extra moisture and elasticity. It also creates a barrier between the body’s protector – the skin and the external pollutants, and aside from helping with dry or dehydrated skin, it has the ability to slow down aging and appearance of wrinkles as hydration is the answer to almost every problem, or at least a major part of the solution. One of the best serums of this variety is definitely the cruelty and paraben-free Esmi Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. (Or find a similar one here!)

The one to beat

It is commonly known that dark spots are one of the most difficult issues to treat. Aside from the numerous natural home remedies you can put to use, you need something powerful for the night, and the answer lies in a product that contains one powerful ingredient – hydroquinone, which does its work by inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase, an enzyme that is to blame for the production of melanin. Of course, daytime solutions include a great sunblock, vitamin C based products, but the evening calls for something along the lines of Eminence Organic Skin Care Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream, which also evens out your skin tone thanks to an ingredient called punarnava root.

The telltale sign

Yes, we do want to age gracefully, but we also want to stay wrinkle-free for as long as we possibly can. As we live in a youth-obsessed culture, there is a number of night creams and anti-wrinkle serums to choose from, and one of the best, tried and tested is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which contains lavender oil and distilled botanicals. It’s a cult favorite for a reason – because it delivers to its promise, and the skin truly does look younger and plumper night after night. Simply warm a few drops with your hands, dab the product into the skin and then massage gently. After that, seal the deal with the Super Multi-Corrective cream from the same brand, as it’s always better to use products from the same line.

As you can see, there is obviously a solution to every problem, you just have to know where to look and what ingredients to look for – that is always crucial. Now, go shop for the right solutions and let your issues be a thing of the past.



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