2019-05-02 18:16:54

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We all know the negative effects the sun can have on our skin. SPF is so important, but it often stops us from getting that natural, healthy looking glow many of us want in the summer or even all year around. That’s where at-home self-tanners come in. Giving your skin a sunless tan can give you that extra boost of color you want without the harmful rays of the sun damaging your skin.

Whether you want immediate color that washes off in your next shower or a gradual tan than builds up subtly over time, you can find an option that works for you at an affordable price. Self-tanners come in every shade, so even the palest skin won’t turn out orangey and the darkest skin can still reap the benefits of a sun-free glow.

The number one rule to remember when applying a self-tan: don’t use too little product. The biggest mistake people make is using a little bit of product to cover a big area, so make sure you’re covering every inch of your skin for the most natural, even looking tan. And if you go overboard, grab a lemon and massage it on the streaky parts to fade them.

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