Ashland has introduced SuprastimTM biofunctional, a ‘superfruits’ solution to help relieve the visible signs of skin fatigue and provide an energy boost to skin care products.

The company says that SuprastimTM enables skin cells to re-balance their natural energy flow, help revive skin and give it a healthy glow.

The marketing term ‘superfruit’ is a variation on the already popular ‘superfood’ term, and is another to have made its way over from the food industry to influence trends in beauty.

The superfruit trend is gaining momentum outside of the food and beverage world and has now extended into skin care​,” suggests Ashland.

It sits alongside claims including natural, organic and vegan, all of which are enjoying strong growth, particularly in western markets.

Why superfruits?

Ashland suggests that the superfruit element of its new ingredient is likely to be a key selling point, describing its source – the Amazonian camu camu fruit – as rich in vitamins and minerals, with the highest known content of vitamin C and has 30-60 times more vitamin C than an orange.

The local population call the fruit the ‘youth berry’, according to Ashland.

The ingredients player says the new ingredient is aimed at tackling the impact of stress, too much sun and too little sleep on the skin.

Exposing skin to certain environmental stressors can also cause skin fatigue, which includes making facial wrinkles appear more visible and dark rings under our eyes more prominent​.”

The crossover between food and cosmetics has been going on in earnest for the past few years, and with new terms still transferring between the two industries, this looks set to continue.

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