2019-08-02 15:26:59

Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

— 10% coupon for the sun goddess self tanner: Jaayforever (use at code at checkout)
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— Forgot to mention: Swear on everything, this is the ONLY self tanner I’ve used that has NO odor to it. This is a HUGE plus!!!
— WOW so I really don’t look tan in this video. Awkward because I’m talking about how tan I am LOL, hopefully the part where I show you my makeup color difference will help give you a better idea. I am really pale in real life, so this was definitely a step up for me. Also, this was me after one application and a shower. Two to three applications, with any self tanner, will give you a darker color. Say you want to be tan for an event Saturday night, I’d use your self tanner Thursday night and Friday night, then skip Saturday. For a really dark tan, start on Wednesday night.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner DiscountOrganic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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