2019-05-21 16:41:15

Some people sprint like Usain Bolt to the nearest European Wax Center or bathe in self-tanner to get ready for Summer. Others — especially the ones who happen to also own a leather jacket or live by the conviction that jodhpurs are underrated — take an edgier approach to the start of a new season: they get a cool piercing.

“We’ve definitely noticed an uptick of certain piercings in the studio in anticipation of Summer,” said Ben Tauber, a piercer at Maria Tash in NYC. “Ear work is still the reigning queen of all piercings, and specific piercings inside the ear, like the daith and tash rook, have definitely been standing out.”

Ahead, he’s walking us through some of the raddest piercing trends to try this Summer — which may not be nearly as good for your cardiovascular system as running, but can make you look just as hot.

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