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Infusing high-performing plant-based skin care ingredients with nontoxic makeup, SAINT aims to offer skin-transforming results. A visionary brand in luxury organic beauty, SAINT delivers powerful results with innovative skincare ingredients infused with all-day-wear lasting color pigments without compromising health or makeup performance. 

Bridging the gap between luxury cosmetics and nontoxic makeup inspired revolutionary formulations to treat a range of skin concerns while producing immediate results consumers come to expect from high-end makeup. SAINT’s nontoxic makeup on the skin looks radiant and glowing, resulting in a healthy second-skin finish.


Obsessed with attention to detail coupled with her upbringing and values, Joanna Montesano set out to create an innovative beauty experience without compromising health or product performance. She developed quality-driven products beauty lovers are excited to reach for. 

Whether it’s due to improving their complexion, boost confidence or empower makeup wearers to push their very own limits, SAINT’s skincare makeup formulations are a new generation of high-end cosmetics offering an immediate flawless skin finish thanks to its proprietary formulations.  


SAINT is known for revolutionizing complexion products such as their Flawless Radiance Skincare Foundation and Illuminating Flawless On-The-Go Concealer with groundbreaking high-performing formulations without compromising wearability. SAINT is the first nontoxic makeup brand that photographs like an Instagram filter and offers flawless full coverage completely untraceable by high-definition cameras or in-person. 


Each ingredient added to SAINT products is carefully reviewed for efficacy and specific advantages to offer this unique skin care makeup formulas. Their luxury color cosmetic experience is designed to perform with benefits that include: antioxidant protection, hydration, toning and complexion brightening.

SAINT’s natural cosmetics are the standard in nontoxic makeup, meaning all formulations are free of parabens, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, sulfates, silicone, polyethylene glycols (PEGs), phthalates, mineral oil, triclosan, petrolatum, coal tar, artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrance ingredients, making us one of the best and most complete brands for natural makeup.

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