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I am a self tanning junkie and use self tanners year round, yes, even in winter. I will NOT ever do a tanning bed and I also try to remember sunscreen when I’m out in the sun. So because I try to stay away from harmful rays my white legs depend solely on my self tanners! I am excited to share this beauty blog post with you guys! 😊

I am going to post in detail 3 products that are NEW to me this spring. These are products I saw good reviews on and one that my sister recommended. I had not used any of these in the past so I decided to use these for my before and after pictures. For these three self tanners I took before pics, then followed up with a 1 Day, 2 or 3 Day and 5 Day post tan picture.

I’m also adding to the end of this post some very affordable self tanners that I’ve used for years and will continue to use as well.

Extra Information on Self Tanners

I want to let you guys know a few things before I get started. There are so many things that affect how long your self tanners last. Things like if you exfoliate properly before, if you are using appropriate lotions to maintain your tan, etc. I do exfoliate first but I don’t use the recommended lotions to maintain a long lasting tan. (Although I should) I also shave my legs everyday because I can’t stand to go to sleep without smooth legs. On that note, keep in mind that my post pictures may have been darker and lasted longer had I used the correct post care lotions and not shave everyday like I do.

I also use a self tanning mitt. If you don’t have a mitt you can always wear gloves but I think the mitt definitely spreads the product more evenly!

So, with all that being said let’s get started!

Fake Bake

This self tanner is a lotion. I like it because it’s dark but it also looks really natural. I put it on before bed, slept in a white top and it didn’t rub off on it at all. It did not streak and it was very easy to apply. I actually think the lotions are easier to apply than the mousses. They blend easier so I definitely like that about the Fake Bake! I was really happy with this lotion.

Fake Bake Self Tanner

Here is a before and after for the first 24 hours:

Fake Bake 24 Hour

Here are the 1 day, 2 day and 5 day post pictures:

Fake Bake Post Tan Pictures

I purchased this Fake Bake self-tan at Ulta. They are sold out of the original online but I’m going to link all their different Fake Bake Self Tanners. You can get them HERE.

Loving Tan

This is definitely the hot product right now for self tanners! I’ve been seeing it everywhere and decided to give it a try. This was the most expensive self tanner I’ve tried and I can say it sure is beautiful. It is a product that makes you look DARK! I love it. If you are one of those people who like the dark look, you will love it too. It is a mousse so it does take more time to apply to make sure it’s even.

Loving Tan Self Tanner

Here is a before and after for the first 24 hours:

Loving Tan 24 Hour Pictures

Here are the 1 day, 3 day and 5 day post pictures:

Loving Tan Post Tan Pictures

I purchased this Loving Tan self-tan at Ulta. You can get it HERE.

Bondi Sands

This is a self tanner my sister told me about. She picked it up at her local drug store and told me she loved it! I grabbed it to try it out and I was really happy with it too! It has a bit of a different tint then I’ve seen with other self tanners. It’s kind of a taupe color when you spray it onto your mitt. BUT once applied it looks very beautiful and dark! It is a foam, so just like the other it takes more time to apply evenly. My favorite thing about this one was that it seemed to last a while before it started to fade. I’m so glad my sister discovered it!

Bondi Sands Self Tanner

Here is a before and after for the first 24 hours:Bondi Sands 24 Hrs Pictures

Here are the 1 day, 3 day and 5 day post pictures:

Bondi Sands Post Tan Pictures

I picked up Bondi Sands Self Tanner at my local drug store. But, you can also get it on Amazon HERE.

Other Self Tanners

Before these that I just shared I would try different self tanners here and there. BUT my main self tanners I loved the most were actually from my local drug store. I still will be using these too!

The first one is Banana Boat Self Tanning Lotion in Deep Dark. I will say this lotion has always been my quick grab at Walmart or Target and it’s always been a favorite! It’s under $10.00 and it’s beautiful! I will link it HERE.

The next is L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towlettes. These are SUPER easy! They are literally little wet towelettes that you just rub all over your body. I use two. One for my top half and one for my bottom half. These also are a favorite of mine and a good price! I will link them HERE.

You don’t have to bake in the sun all day for a pretty tan! Try some of these out! 💕

*These following pics were 24 hours after Bondi Sands💕*



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