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As summer is in full swing so is the need for a glowing summer tan. Being a California Girl transplanted to Florida, the Sunshine State, I have learned the hard way that sun bathing is not the safe way to achieve that goal. After having 4 basal cell carcinoma removed and having melanoma running in my immediate family, I got smart and found ways to attain a golden tan without baking in the sun. Follow my video and check out some of my tips and tricks on how I get a great tan, the different products I use, the different levels of tan and how I keep the tan on the longest.
If you are interested in more information on skin cancer, treatment and the search for the cure; the Melanoma Research Foundation is a wonderful organization. Peter and I have supported them for years now since we both have skin cancer in our family and have suffered from it ourselves. Here is their link if you would like to get more information: https://www.melanoma.org/

I also mentioned by Airbrush Tanner that I have used for years. This is where I purchased it. I have NO affiliation with this company, other than I bought their airbrush tanning machine and tanning solution from them. I purchase it when it is on sale to save on cost. I get no special treatment from them or discounts. I do like the system and love the tan I achieve with it. Here I the link to Luminess Air: http://www.luminessair.com/products/tanning/tanning-products

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