2019-01-11 02:45:00

Along with the rising trend towards eco-friendliness, health and wellness in Chinese society, the demand for “clean” beauty products will continue to rise, said Lee Folland head of research at Reuter Communications, a luxury intelligence, digital, communications and marketing agency.

Demand for ‘clean’ is rising

In a recent study conducted by Reuter Communications, it was revealed that luxury consumers in China have a preference for organic ingredients, especially consumers in the millennial and Generation X age bracket.

Folland elaborated that the study identified that these consumes are very knowledgeable about ingredients, as well as brands and products.

In the same vein, another survey on travel revealed that affluent Chinese families preferred hotels that are sustainable, have wellness programs and serve organic food.

“This general trend across the society – which is of course a global trend, not only China-specific – also translates to beauty,”​ said Folland.

Safety first

Folland notes that being made overseas is no longer a draw in many luxury product categories. However, for beauty and personal care, these labels still remain more appealing to consumers.

“Certain health ‘scares’ that have been broadcasted across the news in China still linger in consumers’ minds, and so, consumers welcome ingredients in products used in or on the body ‘made in France’, for example,”​ said Folland

Prestige plays a part

To a certain degree, said Folland, the demand for natural or organic products are in part driven by the desire for prestige. However, this does not mean Chinese consumers make purchasing decisions based on brand name or logos.

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