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Fr om household goods to cosmetics, Asia’s US$225-billion personal care market is robustly growing in a way that is transforming cultures and lifestyles.

Rising living standards and higher disposable incomes in China and other emerging Asian markets are sparking immense interest in personal health and well-being – creating high demand for safe, environmentally friendly and premium personal care products.

These are opening doors of opportunity for the region’s established industry players such as Neo Corporate – a Thai producer and distributor of high-quality products for nearly three decades. From the players’ points of view, the consumer markets are ripe for the picking.

With a wide portfolio of leading brands such as Fineline, D-nee and Benice, a strong Southeast Asian distribution network, a new factory and an innovative research and development (R&D) centre, Neo Corporate’s trustworthy Thai brands are well-positioned for growth in Asia’s emerging markets.

Quality, service and speed summarise Neo Corporate’s direction. Aiming to become one of the top 100 companies in the region with globally recognised brands, the company is planning to go public over the next few years.

Our products should help people’s well-being by being easy to use, well-packaged and based on a good formulation utilising organic local ingredients

Suthidej Thakolsri, chairman and CEO, Neo Corporate

“Success always started with a high-standard product. Creating a good product is key and we work hard to do so, dedicating 200 days of research annually,” says Suthidej Thakolsri, chairman and CEO.

“We believe that our products should help people’s well-being by being easy to use, well-packaged and based on a good formulation utilising organic local ingredients. The product should perform and speak for itself.”

Neo Corporate has a wide range of products within its eight brands. This includes three brands in fabric care, four in personal care, and one in total baby care.

Fineline and Smart are Neo Corporate’s laundry-related brands carrying products such as fabric softeners and detergents. As Thailand’s leading name in fabric starch and fabric softeners, Fineline continues its legacy of product leadership with innovative new products such as a fabric starch that reduces residue and rust on irons, and a fabric softener with biodegradable natural ingredients. Tomi offers floor and bathroom cleansers.

D-nee is Neo Corporate’s baby care brand offering gentle and hypo-allergenic products for infant skin such as baby wash and baby household care products. Since its founding 25 years ago in collaboration with a French institution, the brand has grown rapidly at an average rate of 30 per cent – with products that are No 1 across different baby product categories.

The company will also be launching an organic baby liquid detergent with biodegradable ingredients, a first in the baby market – which is one of the company’s strongest segments.

BeNice shower cream products stand out with double firming benefits, thanks to wheat protein and micro collagen in the formulas that also add an aura of beauty to the skin. Their natural fruit essences are a well-known new trendsetter – especially the hero variant, which is widely recognised by professional perfumers as a one-of-a-kind fragrance that could easily become the Asian benchmark for product development.

Neo Corporate’s personal care brands Benice, Eversense and Vivite offer female personal care products, while Tros, its men’s care line, is the first brand to use a metallised plastic packaging with foam co-developed by Neo Corporate and a Japanese laboratory to extend product shelf life and efficiency.

Aiming to attract customers in new markets and expand its Asia-Pacific presence further across China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, Neo Corporate values local partnerships that can help the company better understand the markets.

“Our ideal partnerships are based on a win-win strategy,” Suthidej says. “A partnership is a long-term commitment – just like marriage. There are disagreements, so having the right partner from the beginning is important. We look for like-minded partners with the right attitude – hardworking and driven to understand their consumers, with a passion for what they do.”

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