• Experience in copywriting text (long and short form)
  • Enlish language level – being a native or just like native speaker (the copy will be only in english)
  • Being very detailed-oriented, organized and motivated to learn, create and contribute
  • Being a good team player (we live and work by principles of kindness and business being a team sport).
  • High motivation to learn and achieve ambitious goals.
  • Being resourceful and not afraid to make decisions and think independently.

Now we’re looking to hire 2 people to form our Art Team for all creative projects needed in the company, for example: 1 -Copywriter for all text content & 2- Art Director/Graphic Designer/Videographer to create together as a small team, for example the below content:

  1. All marketing materials – flyers/inserts cross selling other products
  2. Writing short scripts for brand’s youtube channel (ex. edgy videos talking about fun facts about different products for voice over)
  3. Creating catchy/provocative/edgy text for brand’s whiteboard animations about the story of company’s avatar – multiple 1 minute episodes)
  4. Optimizing youtube videos via keywords reasearch optimization etc (we will train you on that part)
  5. Coming up with titles for our eBooks, taglines for advertising, text for catchy facebook copy or pre-sell pages
  6. Crafting e-mail post purchase email sequence and weekly offers of our products to be sent to subscribers of our VIP club and those who bought before
  7. Creating weekly newsletter sent to our subscribers
  8. Research & creation of text elements for our website about different products but also other pages we have and will add
  9. Creation of text for product’s boxes/packgaing labels for new upcoiming products
  10. Everything else from vsiual and copywriting department – so lots of fun but also lots of data, measuring results, etc

Apply only by filling this form:

If you meet our criteria, we will be in touch within 3 days (we hire fast!)

If you’re ready to take on any challenge who loves to learn, grow, achieve and has the “go getter” attitude – you’re our pick!

Apply now

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