CBD products are more and more appreciated by those who love healthy lifestyle in United Kingdom and abroad. Some of them are extremely popular. Discover the types of CBD oil products that are definitely worth your attention and should be in your home!  1. CBD kitchen oil This extraordinary oil can successfully replace rapeseed oil, sunflower […]

A unique moisturizing organic cream that nourishes the skin and has anti-aging care. Protects during the day. Source link

Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova, The stresses and strains of everyday life not only take a toll on our mood but can also have an effect on our body and skin. It can be easy to forget to look after ourselves in the daily rush, and sometimes our beauty regimes are forgotten about. What is […]

You’ll want to add this to your makeup stash—stat! We love buzzy international beauty products, especially ones that make their way to the States. K-Beauty sheet masks and essences have changed the skin care game, so we were eager to learn more about micellar water, the new makeup remover on U.S. shelves that French women […]

Sheet masks might not be helping your skin. Anna Webber/Getty Images A lot of the skin-care products and “hacks” you’ve stumbled upon in your Instagram feed are actually not doing your complexion any favors. In fact, many of these trending beauty routines may sound intriguing at first, but can actually wreak havoc on your pores. […]

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the purity and quality of the ingredients that go in and on their bodies, and they are seeking natural, organic and holistic foods, beverages and beauty products. A new tenant at Preston Royal is providing guests with a healthy, organic, and green way to relax, beautify, […]

Ashland has introduced SuprastimTM biofunctional, a ‘superfruits’ solution to help relieve the visible signs of skin fatigue and provide an energy boost to skin care products. The company says that SuprastimTM enables skin cells to re-balance their natural energy flow, help revive skin and give it a healthy glow. The marketing term ‘superfruit’ is a […]

The France Professional Hair care Market revenue is $661.7 million by 2017 and growing at an estimated rate of 0.7% – EIN News Trusted News Since 1995 A service for global professionals · Friday, August 17, 2018 · 459,017,761 Articles · 3+ Million Readers News Monitoring and Press Release Distribution Tools Press Releases Events & […]

Organic market analyst Ecovia Intelligence has revealed that it expects to see increasing consolidation in the organic retail market as the European market for organic products continues to mature. The company highlighted the recent examples of Carrefour in France and Natplus in Italy. Last month, Carrefour purchased, which operates eight organic beauty stores in […]

Country Business Reports interviews and articles by Discovery Reports Fr om household goods to cosmetics, Asia’s US$225-billion personal care market is robustly growing in a way that is transforming cultures and lifestyles. Rising living standards and higher disposable incomes in China and other emerging Asian markets are sparking immense interest in personal health and […]