2019-05-13 23:20:03

It’s really hard to find a self tanner that has a) a bearable scent, b) develops a natural color, and c) is easy to apply. I would give this product a 4/5 in all three categories. The scent is strong, but it’s floral. There is a bit of a fake tan smell that comes along with it, but it’s pretty minor, and it’s unrealistic to expect it not to. Because this is a gradual tanner, the color does not develop to full intensity after just one use. However, it does after about three usually. Which isn’t bad at all. The color doesn’t develop quite as brown as I’d like, but it’s better than most gradual tanners. The application process is easy, rubs in like a body lotion. However, it can get streaky easily and doesn’t have a guide color as it as a body lotion. So take extra caution to get it rubbed in very well. Also, do NOT forget to wash your hands after use. It’s easy to neglect to do so when you can’t actually see the color when first applied, but as with any self tanners, you will sure notice it on hands and nails when it develops. Overall, this is one of my favorite gradual tanners because it smells pleasant, absorbs very quickly without a greasy feeling, and produces quick results.

Also, even though I’m fair, I purchased this in the medium/dark formula, as the ones designed for fair skin tones tend to have more orange tones in them rather than brown.

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