Nigerian natural hair brands

One of the issues in the natural hair community is finding products to care for their hair. And if you just made the transition to natural hair, this could be a bigger problem for you.

There are lots of foreign brands to choose from but sometimes, they’re not the right fit for your hair type. Not to worry though, we have the solution. Here are five Nigerian natural hair brands that make great products your natural hair is sure to love.

1. African Naturalistas

African Naturalistas have been making products for natural hair since 2013 so they’re not new on the scene. They have a wide range of products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, oils and everything in-between. You know you’ll get your money’s worth of the products you’re buying when the CEO is a certified Trichologist. So not only do they sell products, they also offer hair consultation services.

Best of all, their prices are quite affordable for products that are great. You can shop for African Naturalista products here starting from N1,500.

Nigerian natural hair brands

(Photo: Instagram/Africanaturalistas)

2. Natural Nigerian

Natural Nigerian is the most popular natural hair brand in the country. They started as one of the first blogs to catalogue and share information about natural hair in Nigeria back in 2011. They have since evolved from a natural hair blog to a brand that produces great hair care products for natural hair. The brand infuses a lot of locally grown herbs and spices into their products. They also have a line of skin care products.

You can shop Natural Nigerian products here starting from N1200.

Nigerian natural hair brands

(Photo: Bellafricana Digest)

3. Jody’s Curl Box

The brand Jody’s Curl Box might be a new kid on the block, but you wouldn’t guess it from the rave reviews their products have. The brand was founded by a lawyer turned hairstylist who created it out of a need to provide products for her natural hair after she transitioned. ”What makes it special is the hand-whipped nature. I have over 25 unique oils in each blend. Each oil designed to fill a need your hair has.” 

You can shop Jody’s Curl Box by contacting them on their Instagram page.

Nigerian natural hair brands

(Photo: Instagram/Jodyscurlbox)

4. Obia Naturals

Obia Naturals is a brand that is made in The United States but owned by a Nigerian. The company was founded in 2012 out of the desire of the CEO to go natural with her hair and embrace a more healthy lifestyle. The company has since grown to become one of the top natural hair brands in the natural hair space. Their products are available in Nigeria and you can order them here from N4400.

Nigerian natural hair brands


5. Namaste Organics

Namaste Organics started back in 2010 producing skincare products with natural ingredients. But the company has since added haircare products to their catalogue. They have great products especially their range of deep and leave-in conditioners.

You can order Namaste organics here from N1,700.

Nigerian natural hair brands

(Photo: Instagram/mynamasteorganix)

Which of this Nigerian natural hair brands will you try? Let us know. Before you go, check out these easy ways to style your natural hair.


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