Makeup and skincare products are considered essential to many women all over the world, but unfortunately, they can expose us to a range of questionable ingredients that the skin absorbs like a sponge. Research shows that some ingredients in beauty and personal care products may be linked to very serious health issues.

If you are drawn to simple, natural, beauty products and looking for inspiration to “green” your beauty routine, this natural and organic beauty tips have a way of simplifying the complex ingredients and products that make up the beauty world.

If you’ve determined that you belong to the oily skin club, don’t despair. With the right natural skincare products and a few tricks, we can successfully combat grease and wear makeup that actually stays on all day.

We can shed some light, and you will never be the same!


Take advantage of the opportunity to book with our professional Make-Up Artists, during our exclusive scheduled Natural Beauty events. They will weave their magic offering make-overs and tutorials using Natural and Organic cosmetics.

In your session you will learn the “Why” behind choosing Natural Beauty and the “How” to apply fabulous Natural make-up, she shows you how to enhance your best features, with a look that will last all day!

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