The wait is over and Toke Makinwa has officially dropped her Glow by TM line. She caused quite a stir on social media with her nude promo pictures and it seems it was all so the media darling could launch her collection of skin lightening products.

In a cryptic Instagram post, Toke Makinwa toasted to ‘new beginnings’ with her legion of Instagram followers. The announcement was made about a product named Glow By TM and accompanied by a picture of the stunning Toke looking bronzed and beautiful.

Now, all has been revealed as the full Glow by TM line has been launched adding another notch onto Toke’s entrepreneurial belt.

Glow by TM. Toke Makinwa, in
partnership with Buluwa Inc, a Californian based beauty developer,
launches her global skincare care brand, Glow by TM. TM Beauty
redefines the African beauty Rules with it’s formulas and safe
ingredients that haven’t made their way to Africa.

For the first
time ever, brightening products with formulas and safe ingredients
to take care of our skin and give it a radiant glow.

$2,000,000 partnership was inspired to create safe skincare
products that works across all skin types and tones. Glow by TM
offers a wide range of Face and body products for traditionally
hard-to-manage skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin
types, and pinpointing flawless skin. Just like TM, the brand is
feminine, with a complexion-focused product assortment developed to
work together and provide everyone with TM’s real-life method for
killer radiance glowing skin.

“The TM collection is created for
women of all skin tones and personalities,”
she says. “These steps
are key to having ageless spotless skin, getting rid of dark spots,
hyper pigmentation, sun burns and sun spots.” 
For TM, the secret to
radiance skin lies in the very first step:

1. The Face, a soft
natural organic vitamin C filled Facial cleanser because no matter
your skin type, adding vitamin C to your skin = FLAWLESSNESS!!!

The second step? Apply your face cream to the hyper pigmented areas
of your face and boom you are a star of your own with a brand-new
look within a few days, it’s all about Glowing up where you want.

Lastly, get ahead of everyone and shine by applying the face
brightening cream to unify the skin on your pretty face, like the
saying goes “spots are for leopards” Wherever and whenever; TM
believes that being photo-ready means GLOWING and being FLAWLESS!


Glow By TM Products:

• Glow By TM Brightening Day cream 60G

• Glow
By TM Whitening night cream 60g

• Glow By TM Whitening Body Lotion

• Glow By TM Whitening & firming Serum 30ml

• Glow By TM
Knuckle, Knees & elbows whitening Lotion 70Ml

• Glow By TM Skin
Glow Oil 120ML

• Glow By TM Vitamin C B2 Facial Toner 30ml

@GlowByTm Shop online:

Contact us:

Nigerian retailer info: Aisha – 08159300000


Inc Buluwa Inc is one of the world’s innovative leading
beauty companies with approximately $250M in revenue, a rich
entrepreneurial heritage and an iconic portfolio of leading brands
based in California. We are the global leader in natural skin
brightening products, fragrances, hair products, makeup and much
more all made in the USA.

We treasure our legacy but are driven to
develop new opportunities for our partners, employees and
customers. United by leaders with vision and commercial acumen,
Buluwa inc aims to disrupt the conventions of the beauty industry
around the world.

Our Mission is to become, over time, a global
industry leader by being a clear challenger in beauty delighting
our consumers and creating long term shareholder value. Our
distinctive culture and operating model is the engine for our
success and the basis of our competitive advantage.

Our culture is
about the people who make Buluwa inc what it is; the ways in which
we celebrate and liberate the diversity of beauty for our
consumers, and how we work with and win with customers, licensors,
suppliers and partners. Buluwa Inc is focused on expanding its
leadership position in prestige fragrances and skincare in the
Luxury Beauty market, across all regions and luxury channels,
including travel retail.

In Africa, well-known brands as
Whitenicious By Dencia, Envydia Cosmetics, Darklicious Cosmetics
amongst others and now Glow By TM.

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