With the full seminar line-up now confirmed, Natural Products Scandinavia’s organisers say the show will provide “unmissable insights” from expert speakers and the very best green beauty innovations, when doors open at MalmöMässan on 14-15 November.

The organisers suggest the show is set to welcome brand ambassadors and pioneers of the Nordic beauty sector, including names like Natrue, AllergyCertified, Naturligt Snygg, Tree of Brands, Kosmetikk Magasinet and NOC Sweden.

Plastics & Natural Cosmetics

As plastic waste in cosmetics becomes more of a pertinent issue, Dr. Hana Mušinović, regulatory and scientific officer at Natrue, will be providing an overview of plastics used in cosmetic products and packaging, focusing on existing global regulation and necessary considerations for safety and sustainability.   

Plastics have revolutionized our societies ever since entering our markets.  Now they are revolutionizing them again, as both legislators and the industry try to search for their more sustainable alternatives​,” says Dr. Hana Mušinović.

We are witnessing the rise of conscious consumerism where consumers demand to know more not only about ingredients and efficacy of the products they use, but more about their environmental impact​.”

’Trend-setting’ brands

Some of the natural-focused brands set to make their debut at the show include:

Tree of Brands (cosmetics), Uoga Uoga (mineral makeup), Aqua Oleum (essential oils, holistic beauty), Donna Taponero (natural creams and oils), Shefaa (soap), Glacial Bay Organic Clay, Flax (olive & aloe cosmetics), Laurus Nobilis Hellenic (soaps, salves, bath salts), Kytio Natural Habits (natural deodorants and serums), Jalue Skincare, Chi Natural Life (oils), OhMySkin (skincare) Eco Tan and Flow Cosmetics (vegan beauty, shampoo soaps).

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