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First of all, you guys know I am ALL about the self tanner – I mean all about it! ☺️ Growing up I spent a lot of time outside and was always so brown & tan – something that comes with my Native American genes. However, I am not a fan of being in the sun too much – so I rarely ever have an actual sun tan because I prefer to stay out of the sun. It’s just me to prefer having a tan – especially right now after having Sophia and being a little swollen!🙈 Anyway, I am always trying new self tanners and I’m pretty picky about them. I feel like there are a lot available these days and they are hit or miss. I actually received the new L’Oreal Self Tanning Water Mousse in PR a few months ago and was excited to try it because it’s a totally new concept to me – the whole ‘water’ mousse idea, that is. I gave it a shot and liked it almost immediately – I will cover those reasons in a little bit but I want to highlight that this product is a DRUG STORE PRODUCT! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 AKA: It is affordable and easy to get ahold of – which is a big deal to me – mama likes convenience! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Really quickly I want to cover a few reasons why I really like this stuff aside from it being more affordable than others & being available at places like Walgreens. First of all, I LOVE the smell! It’s kind of silly but I’m very smell oriented – I either like no scent at all or something really yummy and this is SO yummy. The mousse is actually made up of Coconut water so that may have something to do with the delicious smell – it is like straight summer time. Next up, the formula being a ‘water mousse’ makes it SO easy to apply. It just seems to go on so smoothly and its totally streak free. You can see in the photo above it pumps out in the form of a white foam and it is is clear. It is not sticky or anything either. Also, it has Vitamin E in it as well so it leaves your skin softer and more hydrated as opposed to drying it out.

Now, it does take 4-8 hours to develop in color. I noticed the first time I used it that the color developed at around the 3 hour mark and I was a bit darker – however, if you use it again hours later it will get even darker. SO! If you want to really amp up you tan take a shower where you shave & exfoliate and when you dry off, apply your first ‘layer’. Let it dry and then get dressed and later on apply another ‘layer’. The best part is that it works amazingly on olive tones which is exactly what I needed – it is not orange at all. The formula also has zero transfer – which is always a huge concern for me [and you all as well I am sure!]. You are able to dress as soon as it dries and it won’t get on your white bedding.

Okay, enough rambling. This is totally a product to try out if you are looking for a natural, smooth looking tan – and at a great price point. Right now, L’Oreal Paris has a $2 off coupon that you can download to use at Walgreens. [It is valid for 3o days after download.] CLICK HERE to download the coupon.

Thanks to L’Oreal Paris for sponsoring todays post.


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