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I bought the drops in person at Sephora, and the beauty advisor there, well, multiple advisors, suggested that I buy the violet drops. Looking at my skin tone and knowing that I usually color correct for redness, I decided to stick to my choice and buy the green drops.

Top 10 Self-Tanners for a Perfect Faux-Glow

The tanning drops are simple to use, You mix the drops into any moisturizer that you have. For my face, I mixed them into the night cream that I have been using, and for my body, I mixed them into this lotion.

It took a bit of trial and error to get “my formula” just right, but from prior self-tanning experience, I knew that I needed to apply with a self tanning mitt, to clean exfoliated skin, and to apply it three times, about twelve hours apart.

I basically applied at night, the next morning and then again that evening.

So my self-tanning routine goes something like this:

Exfoliate – Saturday in the shower, moisturize
Moisturize – Sunday morning as usual
First application – Sunday evening
Second application – Monday morning
Third application – Monday evening

I showered in between my first and second application, but not between my second and third. I did not moisturize any more in between each application as moisturizer is applied with the drops. I have done this “three times in a row routine” with all of my self-tanning applications to get an even, long lasting result. I usually have to reapply to my face, every three days, then exfoliate again on Saturday, then reapply on Sunday and Monday to maintain my self-tan through the season.

After trial and error, and to get the color that I like for me, I mixed the following; think of it as a recipe.

Face and neck with face moisturizer: 2 drops with the amount needed to cover face and neck
Chest and top of back: 4 drops with 4 pumps of moisturizer
Arms: 4 drops with 4 pumps of moisturizer
Hands: 2 drops with 1 pumps of moisturizer, only on top AFTER washing hands, clean up with makeup wipe
Stomach and back: 4 drops with 4 pumps of moisturizer
Legs: I divided into top and bottom, and as I like my legs darker, I used 6 drops with 4 pumps of moisturizer

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