RMS Beauty is a brand that bridges the divide between skin care and makeup. Rose-Marie Swift has developed a collection of color and care products—with an emphasis on ‘care’. The range comprises complexion products, lip colors, eye colors, skin care, and beauty-from-within ingestibles too.  

Here, the beauty entrepreneur shares a profile of herself and the brand.

Name: ​Rose-Marie Swift, Founder

Indie Beauty Company: ​RMS Beauty

Launched: ​2009

Headquarters: ​Charleston, South Carolina

Team work: ​17 full-time employees and 3 part-time

Distribution: ​First and foremost www.rmsbeauty.com is the best source for all things RMS – FAQ’s, how-to videos, and exclusive products and offers.  We also sell in over 300 brick and mortar beauty locations worldwide and just expanded our curated collection for Sephora to 50 locations in the US and Canada.  There will be more expansion as we grow the brand and that includes some of our long-loved retailers who are both indie and mass – everyone from Credo, Follain, Harrods, Riley Rose, Oh My Cream to over 130 Blue Mercury locations.  We are so amazed how we’ve been able to reach more locations globally such as Australia (all the Mecca Cosmetica stores) Japan (such as Takashimaya and Isetan) and how our retailers are expanding their reach as well.

Years in beauty: ​20+

Years at RMS Beauty: ​I started my brand in my own kitchen well before it had actually launched and spent years experimenting on the models with my various concoctions and colors.

Entrepreneurial experience: ​This is my very first company.  I’ve never been exposed to a real 9-5 job since I have always worked on set as a makeup artist and had an agent that handled all of my bookings etc. so even little things like payroll or an employee contract, that’s all new to me. I’ve taken each challenge as an entrepreneur as a lesson on how to always be improving and learning.

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