The scalability of early natural indie brands was questionable. The availability of ingredients, the intensity of labor, and the variability of quality meant that producing effective products for consumers that weren’t local was a tremendous challenge.

Today, brands like Evolve Beauty are meeting that challenge—building infrastructures, good manufacturing practices, and beauty businesses that are effectively reimagining what a scalable business can look like in the industry.

Here, the beauty entrepreneur behind Evolve Beauty shares a profile of herself and the brand.

Name: ​Laura Rudoe, Founder and CEO

Indie Beauty Company: ​Evolve Beauty

Launched: ​2009

Headquarters: ​London Colney, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Cash flow: ​I fund the Evolve Beauty business personally along with my husband Jon. We recently reached our biggest ever month for sales in November, which has been a rewarding end to our biggest ever year in 2018.

Indie how? ​To me a beauty brand is independent if it is independently owned and doesn’t rely upon corporate funding to fulfill its creative purpose. Indie brands are design conscious and driven by passion to create something truly special like Evolve Beauty.

Team work: ​24 employees, 20 full-time, 4 part-time

Distribution: ​We distribute our Evolve Beauty products globally through our own ecommerce site,​, and at select retailers, including John Lewis, Anthropologie, Planet Organic, Naturisimo, Fenwick, Bodykind and Feel Unique. 

Years in beauty: ​I started working in the beauty industry 13 years ago when I was the founding employee of an ethical beauty brand called NUDE which I helped to set up for some investors including Bono and his wife Ali Hewson. NUDE was later sold to the luxury goods company LVMH.

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