Plenty of independent personal care brands have taken natural beauty as their mantle. With Thesis, Teren has gone to something of an extreme, formulating with only ingredients that occur in the natural world. And while reviews on the brand’s ecommerce site suggest that not all of these products meet the expectations of all people, there is a notable segment of the consumer population that would rather not use synthetics. Thesis skin and body care products are made with that consumer in mind—someone who (once they establish which, if any, such natural ingredients they are allergic to) is quite content with the benefits of these “radically pure”​ products.

Here, the beauty entrepreneur shares a profile of herself and the brand.

Name: ​Julia Teren, Founder

Indie Beauty Company: ​Thesis

Launched: ​relaunched as Thesis in 2014

Headquarters: ​Somerville, Massachusetts

Cash flow: ​We are proud to be a debt-free, self-funded, family company.

Team work: ​2 full-time employees and 3 part-time

Distribution: ​Thesis ships globally through our own website. We are also very grateful to our international distribution partners who are tirelessly promoting Thesis in their respective territories. Domestically, we sell in brick-and-mortar through select retailers including Whole Foods, Nugget Markets, Lazy Acres, gift boutiques, and apothecaries.

Years in beauty: ​About 8 years; I used to work in different industries prior to embarking on this adventure. But I always wanted to work in beauty, and not just any kind, but the most responsible and honest kind of brand.

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