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Why waste the summer in the gym when you can look like you’ve been working out just by strategically applying a little self-tanner?

Step 1: Exfoliate your body
Exfoliate your body with an exfoliating cream or lotion that doesn’t contain oil.

Step 2: Apply self-tanner
Apply self-tanner to your entire body in a shade appropriate for your skin type. Wear latex gloves, or wash your hands immediately after finishing.

For a more realistic tan, have a light touch when applying to knees and the tops of hands and feet, and avoid the ankles, elbows, and between the toes altogether.

Step 3: Let tan dry completely
Let the tan dry completely.

Step 4: Tone your calves
Take the self-tanner that’s one shade darker than the one you just applied and begin with your legs. Stand up, point your toe, look for your calf muscle, and apply the darker shade to the areas that appear darker.

Step 5: Make saddlebags disappear
Make saddlebags seem to disappear by applying the darker self-tanner to your outer thighs.

Step 6: Camouflage cellulite
Camouflage cellulite by rubbing some of the dark tanner behind your legs under your butt.

Step 7: Tone your tummy
Tone your tummy by sucking in your stomach and applying tanner wherever you see darker definition.

Look for a tic-tac-toe-like pattern to appear around your abs.

Step 8: Build biceps
Build biceps by flexing your arms, a la Popeye, to show off your muscles; add tanner where the skin appears darker.

Step 9: Create some triceps
Create some triceps by extending your arm, making a fist, and applying tanner where you see definition on the back of your arms.

Step 10: Give yourself some cleavage
Give yourself some cleavage by putting on a push-up bra and then carefully applying the darker tanner between your breasts in a triangle.

Paint your cleavage in a cool room so body perspiration won’t interfere with the drying process

Step 11: Go professional
If it’s lacking an artistic touch, visit a salon that specializes in airbrushing or contour tanning.

Did You Know?
69% of men and 61% of women think they look better with a tan, according to a survey.


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