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The fact is not all of us live in an area that is sunny and warm for the whole year. A lot of us get to experience sun only during the summer and get the option to be tanned just for a few months. And even then it is not recommended to be in the direct sunlight for more than a few hours due to the power of UV rays and the possible side effects it can cause. Luckily, there is an option for all the people wanting to keep their tan even when the sun is out, and it is called a self-tanner.

Self-tanners have become quite popular in the past few decades, and the formulas have been changing over the years. Nowadays, we have a range of different products that can fulfill anyone’s need and it is just a matter of your choice. On the other hand, there are numerous benefits to getting a self-tan rather than being in direct sunlight for multiple hours.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of using a self-tanner and what are all the types of the same!

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The Advantages Of Using A Self-Tanner

1. First and foremost the self-tanners are much safer than being exposed to a direct sunlight and UV rays for numerous hours, especially if you want to be rocking the tan all year!

2. Along with that, you will have healthier skin, and that is for two reasons. The sun dries out your skin and causes wrinkles in the long run, while the self-tanners (good ones like Minetan) contain vitamin and moisturizing formulas that will keep your skin fresh and healthy.

3. There is no risk of the sunburn, and you get the tan very fast. Also, you get to choose how much tan you want to get and don’t let the sun decide it.

4. It is easy to maintain the tan you get from a self-tanner, and it just takes a few minutes a day to refresh it using the adequate lotion. Along with that, you get to choose which color you want and thus look make the tan look more natural in combination with your original skin color.

5. You will also be able to hide certain imperfections by shadowing with the tanner on the critical spots, and on top of all that as you are creating a bigger contrast your teeth will look whiter as well (you should still keep brushing on daily basis of course).

6. And among everything, probably the most important is the fact that you are allowed to have a good and a healthy tan all year long!

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Choosing The Right Self-Tanner For You

1. Self-tanning moisturizer. If you are just starting and you are yet to figure out the amount of tan you want the self-tanning moisturizer is your go-to It contains less DHA and is easier on your skin as well while still giving you a nice color and a good glow.

2. Tanning towelettes. These are a convenient way to get your tan when on the road. Presoak them with a self-tanner, unfold and simply wipe on your skin. You will get the desired tan in a matter of hours.

3. Lotions and creams. The lotions and creams are a great addition to a good self-tanner and as these are not instantly absorbed you have enough time to rub it in the spot that requires attention.

4. Last but certainly least and maybe the most common is the self-tanning foam that is easy to apply (except on the back), and keep the perfect glow and color for hours of time.

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As you can see self-tanners are simply a better and safer option to getting the color and tan you want when compared with exposing yourself to direct sunlight for numerous hours. And with these becoming more popular you have the option to get the high-quality tanners at almost bargain prices. So what are you waiting for, know your needs and get yourself one right now!

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