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Winter’s Dead

The summer months are upon us, which means releasing the comfort of our sweatpants, and revealing our winter skin hiding underneath.

I am sure others can relate, but I am so pale that my nickname from my hubby is “Casper”. I am the type of person that cannot tan by laying out in the sun. I burn, peel, freckle, repeat. If I could tan, I still would not choose to lay out in the sun due to all the negative effects that it has on the skin such as: wrinkles, sun spots, and possibly skin cancer. I also HATE just laying in a pool of my own sweat just to get a tan. no thanks.

I take a healthier approach when it comes to tanning by using self tanner. I love self tanner and have tried almost every product out there to give you a valid opinion. This post will contain my favorite self tanners with various price ranges. I hope you enjoy!

1. Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

This is my FAVORITE tanner at the moment! I use the deluxe bronzing mousse in the color ultra dark. This tanner goes on even and leaves a nice bronzed color. The one thing that I hate about self tanner is the smell that it leaves after application and lasts for as long as the tan does. I can honestly say that this self tanner has zero scent on the skin (it’s a miracle). This is definitely on the pricier side ($39.95), but you get what you pay for. I buy mine directly from their website.

2. Fake Bake Flawless Darker

This self tanner is an OG tanner. It was there for me all through high school and the better half of my college life. It gives a warm glow and also has less of that not so pleasant tanner smell. I have a very fair complexion and always have loved the results of the Flawless Darker. It thankfully is a bit cheaper. I always order mine off of amazon for ($22.50) Get it here.

3. Tanwise 

This self tanner is the most affordable one that I have come across and absolutely loved! I switched to this tanner for cost reasons and it gave me the perfect glow. The only negative comment that I can make about this tanner is that it does have that self tanner smell, but if you can learn to be okay with it then this tanner does the job! This tanner is for sale at Sally Beauty for $15.39. 

Save your skin. Get tan. Glow. 

*I am in the works of getting a camera so that I can post a tutorial on how to apply self tanner! I know it took me MANY tries to perfect it, but bare with me it’s coming!

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