2019-05-26 23:45:23

I have used Jergens. I have the one for the face, which I think should be better than the larger general bottles/tubes for the body.
But, more expensive to use as a whole-body tanner.
I don’t think it is quite as bad ‘oompa-loompa’ (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!) as the ones mentioned.
The Jergen’s lotion is actually a SUPER moisturizer.

I don’t know what you mean by sunspots. I have spotty blotchy skin, and I don’t thiink I have seen this as an issue. Hhhhmmm????
If this seems to be an issue for your feet, I am wondering if this is because of the product, and the top layer of skin being rubbed by shoes and socks.
I think I have noticed that?
I try to let it sink in and develop as long as possible before wearing shoes and socks.

when I apply it to my feet, I do it with my foot flat, maybe on a towel, on the floor or flat surface (top of toilet seat) I apply it thinly, and allow it to be applied from the top of my feet and toes down to the flat surface. I think it looks fairly natural. Dry skin should be scrubbed and moisturized beforehand.


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