Ok, so this past week the Aussie Sporteluxe girls have been typing away about the benefits of probiotic and magnesium skincareall-natural tanning products, and, all the NEW BEAUTY PRODUCTS that have come on board in our all-new Sporteclub—woot-woot. But, over in Los Angeles, a handful of shiny new products just landed on our desks, and now have caught the attention of us writers—namely me. As Sporteluxe is a place to keep our community updated with all the latest in the wellness world, I’ve opted to test and review the ones that matter to me the most. So, I now bring to you the 5 latest and greatest to hit the beauty market and the ones that have earned a spot in my beauty cabinet.

Keep scrolling to check out how these new brands can offer a plentiful of beauty tips…

New beauty products and beauty tips from Honest Beauty

Cliff notes: I’ve gotta say, anything Jessica Alba touches I’m an instant fan of. And I don’t care what anyone else says, but I reckon Jess founded the whole wellness beauty trend. And true to what they say, Honest Beauty is all about making their products mindfully as much as seeing beauty differently which I LOVE. Honest Beauty cares a lot about payoff and paying attention to everything that goes into every formula that they create. Their skincare is infused with botanicals and backed by science—exactly how we like it with ingredients that we trust. And that’s how simple it is!

Amongst their perfectly pastel beauty range, you guys have to try the the Organic Beauty Facial Oil, Magic Beauty Lip Balm, makeup remover wipes (infused with grapeseed oil which we love), Glow Primers, Lip Crayons with conditioning ingredients of coconut oil, murumuru and Shea Butter and their Depuff Eye Gel with a revitalizing caffeine. Ok, so that’s half the range already and I could still go on.

Cause let’s be honest, if Jessica Alba wears and uses it, then I will too!

I love that they celebrate the diverse beauty and that Jessica Alba founded it.

Head HERE to shop the full Honest Beauty range

And scrolling…

Boscia Cactus Water moisterizer

Cliff notes: I’ve dabbled in drinking cactus water because of its numerous hydrating benefits, but I’d never seen the ingredient in a beauty product, until now! The all-new Boscia Cactus Water Hydrating Cream is best suited to a dry climate with someone who has a normal to combination skin type—hello me living in Los Angeles! Its cooling gel-like texture glides on and provides enough moisture throughout the day to not need another application.

I love that the hero ingredient is Queen Of The Night Cacti that blooms only once a year from dusk till dawn, then withers away in the early hours of the morning. Like, hello—what a tough little bugger to catch!

You can buy the Boscia moisturizer HERE

Australian beauty product Asarai

Cliff notes: When this yellow box appeared on my desk a few weeks back, I was so taken back by how eye-catching the packaging was and how they’re AUSSIE founded. They’re all about bringing nature to your self-care routine. Founded by an Aussie expert therapist—oi, oi, oi, they’ve taken botanicals from the Aussie nature to infuse in every bottle. With only 6 products in the range, the summery yellow packaging and standout product benefits will surely grab your attention—they did with me!

I love that they’re Aussie born, the bright packaging and that their mission is to not harm the planet and pledge that a portion of their sales will always go towards helping the planet—go Aussies!

Head HERE to shop the Asarai range


New beauty products Fresh Black Tea Kombucha

Cliff notes: Whilst Kombucha has become our go-to drink of choice these days, beauty company Fresh has jumped on the bandwagon to include it in their latest skincare line—kudos to them! Their all-new Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence is a powerhouse liquid prep—or in simple terms a toner, that fights pollution and signs of getting wiser whilst increasing moisture and luminosity for a super glowy complexion.

I love that it helps to smooth my skin. Anything that claims that I’m in.

Head HERE to shop the Black Tea Kombucha Range

Moon Juice beauty shroom

Cliff notes: This intensive, adaptogenic serum works instantly to smooth, fill, lift, and plump. The light, jelly texture works deep within the skin’s surface to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while creating a lasting hydration barrier for super supple skin with resilience and bounce.

I love that they use Silver Ear Mushroom combined with Hyaluronic acid!

Head HERE to shop the new Moon Juice beauty range


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