If you look down upon Indian beauty brands and only stick to international products, then it’s time to upgrade your brand quotient. In the quest to get that flawless skin, we blindly chase expensive big brands. However, the products you rely on could contain harsh chemicals, which could later cause serious health and skin troubles. Markets are stashed with chemically formulated products, claiming to be ‘clinically proven’, ‘100% safe’ etc. but are they really safe for your skin? The solution to this problem lies within ‘nature’ – it’s time to replace your toxic products with safe, organic and natural products. This Independence Day, have a look at some of the best Indian based organic beauty products.

Natural glow

Khadi Natural is popular for its skincare range. Right from face wash to moisturiser everything is natural, pure and herbal based. The Orange and Lemongrass face wash and Sandalwood and Honey face wash are a hot favourite. Just Herbs is another popular name in this league. This Indian beauty brand purely follows Ayurvedic recipes infused with herbal and organic ingredients to create a pure range of skin products. Just Herbs is popular for its 6-step regimen, for those who desire healthy skin.

Beautiful body

Vaadi Naturals have a wide range of bath and body products. For sun protection choose from the sunscreen lotion with Aloe vera and Chamomile with SPF 50 or the one with Lilac SPF 30. There are more than 15 natural shower gels to choose from as well as massage gels with real gold and silver extracts. Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, MD Skin, Consultant Dermatologist at Dr Trasi’s Clinic & La Piel, makes a valid point, “Organic products are definitely safer than chemical ones. They are suited better for the skin. Usually, the fragrances are real, so the chances of allergic reactions are lessened. Hardly ever are irritations seen on the skin.”

‘Hair’ we go!

Hair shampoos and conditioners too contain deadly chemicals which are enough to put you at cancer risk! It’s important to choose natural plant-based shampoos and conditioners, which nourish and strengthen hair naturally. Kama Ayurveda’s Brigandi Intensive Treatment Oil is a best seller. It effectively prevents grey hair, hair loss and keeps dandruff at bay. Among hair cleansers, there is Sanobar, Rose and Jasmine, Himalayan Deodar, to name a few. Ayur too is one of the leading herbal brands in India which has a wide range of natural shampoos and hair care products which are also easy on the pocket.

Young, naturally!

Ageing comes with wrinkles, blemishes and marks which are best tackled by the anti-ageing products offered by Forest Essentials. An Indian brand with a global outreach, it offers a dedicated skin range of anti-ageing creams, oils and facial serums loaded with spring water and natural herbs all the way from the Himalayas. Skin Yoga is another organic beauty brand that is rubbing shoulders with global beauty brands. Look out for their out of the box face wash, face masks and body scrubs. Oats and Roses face wash and Almond Orange face mask can both gift you a clear and youthful skin.

Some more…

Have you heard of Do Bandar? An Indian luxurious body care brand, it offers lip care, soaps, health supplements and also their best seller, an erotic massage oil called Love Potion. Purearth, Roots to Roses, and SoulTree are some other Indian organic brands which offer assorted natural skin care products which are unique, safe and beneficial in their own ways.

Mixed signals

Asked which is better – chemical or organic, celebrity dermatologist, wellness expert and founder of Isya Aesthetics, Dr Kiran Sethi Lohia maintained, “To be honest, the organic versus chemical distinction makes no sense to me. The risks are the same because you can be allergic to anything, and there is no real added benefit. Your water has more chemicals in it than a cream, and generally, ingredients from creams don’t even absorb into your systemic circulation.” Dr Shefali asserts, “Chemical products work faster to give the desired result. However, to maintain healthy skin, natural products should be used. A balance between them is key to good glowing skin.”

Before you buy

“Always check the product list before buying. Take a trial pack and use it for a few days to see if your skin agrees with it. There will be no product with completely natural ingredients; some chemical impurities can be seen, so check if the skin is allergic to it,” advises Dr Shefali. Dr Kiran concludes, “Check to make sure they actually have effective ingredients in them, and not just a slew of unnecessary plant extracts that have no real benefits. As a doctor, I suggest products that work, which can be a mix of both organic and non-organic products.”

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