1. G ESSNTL by Gatorade

G ESSNTL by Gatorade

G ESSNTL by Gatorade

The sports nutrition legacy brand Gatorade recently announced G ESSNTL​, marketed as a “new line of products made with minimal ingredients” ​meaning no added sugars, artificial sweetener or flavors. The line includes three whey isolate powders in chocolate, plain, and vanilla, as well as a protein + carb recovery powder in chocolate and vanilla.

2. GoL Bars by Garden of Life

Organic supplement specialist Garden of Life launched a new line of nutritional bars called GoL​ (pronounced ‘goal’). It comes in four flavors, with each bar offering 12 g of protein from Certified USDA Organic grass-fed milk, together with other ingredients like wild organic blueberries, organic cashews, organic coconuts, and pink Himalayan salt.

3. SmartyPaws by SmartyPants

Supplement brand SmartyPants launched a line of multivitamins for dogs called SmartyPaws​, marketed for canine joint health, allergies, gut health, immunity, and skin health. The line of chewy supplements comes in six varieties, dosages tailored to a dog’s age (Adult or Senior) and size (Small, Medium, or Large Breed).

(To learn more, read our recent coverage of the launch HERE​)

SmartyPaws by Smartypants

Smartypaws by Smartypants

4. Thrive PURE by Le-Vel

These liquid supplement shots, called Thrive PURE, contains a proprietary blend of vitamins and amino acids. It is marketed to provide energy, focus, and stamina. It comes in two flavors: Blackberry Watermelon and Cherry Limeade, both contain zero calories or sugars.

5. Klean SR Beta-Alanine by Klean Athlete

SR Beta Alanine by Klean Athlete

Klean SR Beta-Alanine by Klean Athlete

A new addition to Klean Athlete’s NSF Certified for Sport collection is the Klean SR Beta-Alanine​, formulated to delay fatigue, support muscle endurance, and support exercise capacity during short periods of intense effort. It contains the branded SR Carnosyn, which has been clinically researched for its sustained-release formula that enables better muscle retention, with fewer side effects and simpler dosing than standard beta-alanine.

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