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Stone outdoor fireplaces
Stone is a natural material for a fireplace. It is fire resistant and can be attractively arranged. Different colors also create an interesting contrast. Depending on how the stone is laid out, you can have a rustic look or a neat style – you can even use the stone to create an accent wall.

In addition, the stone offers versatility in all outdoor environments. Stone outdoor fireplaces make additions such as a pizza oven. Some styles add a TV to the surface of the stone above the fireplace.

Brick outdoor fireplaces
Brick is another wise choice because of its fire resistance. Beyond the simple function, the brick can also support a wide range of styles. The most common type you will see is a basic red brick, which creates a classic look. Some of these brick models look really rustic, with a looser fit between the bricks. Sometimes bricks form neat patterns. Other times, red combines with darker brick shades for contrast.

Whatever the style, brick fireplaces are a great way to get that classic style while adding a deep red color to the space.

Outdoor plaster / smooth fireplaces
Another way to create an outdoor fireplace is to use smoother textures, usually made of plaster. These types of outdoor fireplaces work well in southwestern styles for a kiva look. But smooth styles are not just for appearances; they have a useful feature. They are a good base for adding decorative elements such as tiles and terracotta ornaments.

These styles can also use interesting geometric designs. Since they are not limited to square brick styles, designers can more easily shape smooth textured fireplaces.

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