The latest data from Euromonitor, a market research firm, estimates US retail sales of supplements positioned for beauty at $89.6 million in 2017—up from $76 million in 2015, up 17%.

Euromonitor includes in this category all dietary supplements with marketing messages of anti-aging, anti-cellulite, hair health, nail health, skin health and skin whitening. Common ingredients found in the products in Euromonitor’s beauty supplements database include aloe, collagen, evening primrose oil, fish oils, glucosamine, green tea, probiotics, royal jelly, saccharinum sulphur.

But what’s driving sales? What ingredients are emerging and what does the cutting-edge science say about their actions?

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We’ll get a glimpse of how today’s R&D formulators and product innovators sift through the noise and select ingredients with the most substantial research​ in skincare, and their thoughts on how to communicate it effectively to consumers.

We’ll also explore how marketers are segmenting the broad term ‘beauty’ to go beyond just ‘hair, skin, and nails.’

Moderated by NutraIngredients-USA correspondent Adi Menayang, our panel will include experts from supplement brands Olly, HUM Nutrition, and Amway/Nutrilite; market research firm Mintel; and cosmetic industry B2B news site

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