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A natural retinol alternative that nourishes dry skin while tightening and lifting for a younger-looking appearance.

Key ingredients:

Coconut, shea butter, and grape seed oil are combined with a Natural Retinol Alternative Complex and Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells to fight signs of aging.

If you want to know more:

When it comes to my skin care products, if it’s not packed with acids or high-tech synthetic retinol, it’s usually not for me. I need my cells to turn over in record speed, and a natural retinol alternative seemed like a myth to me, until now. It’s official: Éminence’s rich Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer ($58) has made me a believer in naturally-derived skin care.

This chic jar of rich, organic moisturizer packs a serious punch, without the harsh side effects of some of my favorite retinols. Sure, coconut oil and water hydrate skin and balance pH levels, which makes a great moisturizer in and of itself, but the Natural Retinol Alternative Complex and PhytoCellTec Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells make this a game-changer for me. The complex boasts chicory root oligosaccharides, which is known to mimic the collagen-boosting benefits of retinol and the stem cell concentrate promotes elasticity—a skin care power couple if you ask me.

The moisturizer’s natural coconut scent takes my mind to a tropical beach, its thick, creamy texture feels luxurious. A little bit goes a long way (at least during the summer, anyway)—and the immediate results were promising. I use it at night to calm and soothe my sensitive skin, and its moisturizing benefits are instant: My skin is plumped, fine lines are less visible, and overall, I look radiant. These instantly-gratifying results don’t stop there, either. Over the course of a few weeks, I notice that I wake up with those anti-aging results: Smoother skin (translation: less-pronounced forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet), brighter tone and that hydration plumpness that makes me look refreshed even when I don’t get my full seven hours of sleep. I don’t think I’ll stop using the impressive organic moisturizer anytime soon—in fact, I recently doubled down and applied a thicker layer around my eyes to get an extra dose of those anti-aging benefits. Final verdict: This is a cream that’s good for me and makes me look good.

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