(do not apply to this message but fill in the form below to be considered):

It’s a cool gig involving filling up cosmetics bottles with oils and essential oils for a brand that sells organic cosmetics.

t’s a cool, possibly a year-long, full-time gig/job involving filling up cosmetics bottles with essential oils for a brand that sells organic cosmetics.

60% of the job – Light but physical labor (filling oils, putting barcides on boxes, etc).

30% – Driving and pick-up of small boxes from 7-11 lockers – mainly during first 2 months (gas reimbursements for just those errands are provided based on milage count).

10% – is office work (updating spreadsheets with inventory, communicating via emails with managers) – you need your own laptop to bring to work.

Payment: $2,000/month (flat independent contractor fee) + gas for errands during work hours. Paid every 2 weeks via bank transfer to your account.

Time of the gig: 1 month (then, after test 1 week and 1 month, it might continue to full time).

Time of work: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (8 hours of work + 1 hour of unpaid lunch break) & 3 hours on weekend (on either Sat or Sun-your choice, 9am-12pm).

Contract type: independent contractor agreement (not regular employment so no medical/dental)

Place: very small warehouse in Paramount (there will be only 2-3 people working there so friendly and cool family vibe).

(do not apply to this message but fill in the form below to be considered):

This job consists of 3 elements:

1) Filling up cosmetic bottles with organic beauty products, packing to cartons (we will train you how to use the small machines), putting barcodes on products boxes
2) Driving to 7 Eleven lockers to pick up packages with products (2-3 days out of 5 week days, then after 2 months less or no driving)**
3) Updating inventory spreadsheets with daily units done, communicating via email and phone with Managers from another office.

If you are not afraid of working hard, have management/supervisor potential, are detailed, enthusiastic and like to work with good people – let’s team up, have fun and get the work done.

We want you to become a part of the brand’s team, not just provide manual labor. We look for people who want to care about what they do and want to be a part of growing a cool, organic brand and grow their career with us.

**You need your own car to do the lockers pick ups + a valid drivers license (we will reimburse you for milage on a weekly basis)

**You need your own laptop to bring to work to access and update the inventory spreadsheets with work done every day (we have internet at our warehouse).

Important: you have to have a valid car insurance (in case you make any driving accident while driving your car for work pick up, it’s your responsibility and goes from your insurance, company cannot be held responsible for your driving).

We will train you on how to fill the cosmetics with simple and small filling machines, heat guns to seal them, then how to pack the bottles in boxes and then cartons. After which reporting and counting units will be done, sticking labels to the cartons, etc.

Manual labor involved – you might need to lift few light boxes a day but mainly the work is light and fun.

Contract type: subcontractors (we will sign independent contractor agreement).

All positions will be 1099 only (so the $2,000 we pay + milage is a flat fee – medical/any taxes/etc are on you as an independent contractor).

Important: milage/gas reimbursements – only for the driving during work hours (to pick up small boxes) not for commuting to/from work.

NOTE: Starting with 1 week trial (you will be given a check after that 1 week), then 1 month contract, and if you are committed and show up with your 100%, then it will be a continuing, monthly project (renewing independent contractor project but starts with 1 week trial period)

We’re a small company so there will be 2-3 people in the team at the beginning.

We are looking for independent thinkers who want to take responsibility and become this new warehouse Leaders (like carrying keys to our warehouse, later on managing other people, etc).

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