Local entrepreneur Victoria Watts has multiple purposes behind VictoriaLand Beauty, a line of skincare products. One is to offer a vegan, organic, cruelty-free line of products that gives individuals the confidence to “go naked” and solve their skin problems.

“I can go naked every day and have the confidence I’ve always wanted,” says Watts, founder and creator of Naples-based VictoriaLand Beauty.

“Your skin is your largest organ, if your putting chemicals on it, it’s going to make it worse,” Watts says. After struggling with hyperpigmentation on her skin for many years, and the stress of a divorce, her skin was not where it needed to be. Watts took it upon herself to create a skincare line that solved all of her skin problems.

After months and months of her concocting mixtures and researching ingredients to get the perfect results and textures in her own kitchen, she created a solution that would work for many.

Following her results VictoriaLand Beauty products officially launched early in this year. Her skincare line has been known to show results in just seven days! 81 percent of users have felt their skin was good enough to go naked, while 97 percent of her clients said their skin was brighter than ever.

The second purpose, and arguably the more important one, is her son, Cyrus.

At just four months Cyrus was diagnosed with a chronic illness, FEVR, a hereditary disorder that affects the retina with certain signs like vision loss, retinal detachment, blindness, and strabismus. All of these symptoms affect Cyrus today.

“VictoriaLand Beauty has given me a platform to raise awareness for this disease,” says Watts.

VictoriaLand Beauty is a proud partner With the Boston Children’s Hospital Dream, Dare, Deliver Campaign.

VictoriaLand Beauty is committed to donating 2 percent of every sale to the campaign. While during the month of June VictoriaLand Beauty increased the donation to 10 percent of every sale. The money raised is given to the largest Pediatric Ophthalmology Department at Boston Children’s Hospital. This aids the department in new research and treatments to ideally solve the disease that is harming visually impaired children.

“I am very confident that my son will see one day”, the Boston Children’s Hospital has been the first Hospital to give us answers and hope,” says Watts. Victoria and her son Cyrus visit the Boston Children’s Hospital every six months to check on his condition. Since the Pediatric Ophthalmology Department has taken Cyrus as their patient his FEVR has been stabilized and he has gained some vision.

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