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I sat down with Ailish, a natural and organic beauty blogger to chat about our favourite natural and organic makeup products! Stay tuned for more videos in this series coming soon, including our favourite organic/natural skincare products, and why we love to use green beauty.

Ailish a.k.a ‘The Glow Getter’ –

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Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation –
ZAO Makeup Shine Up Powder –
Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer –
Hynt Beauty ‘Sweet Tuxedo’ Eyeshadow Palette –
Nude & Noir ‘Bijou’ Palette –
Couleur Caramel Lipstick ‘123 Bright Pink’ –



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Please feel free to email us at the address below if you would like any advice on the organic beauty products we stock. We can help you find a natural/organic alternative to your current favourite beauty products.

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****** We are also available for wedding or special occasion bookings using all natural and organic skincare and makeup! ******

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