The cosmetics packaging player has signed an industrial and commercial agreement with Pylote, a French industrial company specializing in mineral and green ceramic chemistry, meaning Cosmogen can integrate Pylote technology into its products.

The technology from Pylote is based on the antimicrobial effect that its green mineral microspheres confer to the materials they are incorporated in, and that enter into the manufacture of the product, such as foams or brush fibers.

These microspheres are obtained through a patented green manufacturing process in a single step, without any organic solvent or waste. Cosmogen says this makes it cleaner and safer for the consumer.

The tests carried out by Pylote have demonstrated the effectiveness of this innovation made in France in its protective role, which has won several awards (Pharmapack Award, CPhl Pharma Award, Packaging Award, CSR Solutions Award),”​ says Cosmogen.

“It is also COSMOS approved and in compliance with FDA, international cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food regulations.”

Preservative crisis?

We spoke to Dr Barbara Brockway,  formulation expert and director of personal care at AppliedDNA Sciences, about why the industry is facing this challenging situation regarding preservatives.

“The preservative crisis in the cosmetic industry is very real. Regulated markets such as the EU, have restricted positive lists of the preservatives, that are authorised for use in cosmetics under the conditions specified. The problem is, these lists are getting shorter,​” she explained.

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