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Getting the most out of the simple pleasures in life is one way to make your days worthwhile. Tanned skin should not hold you back from getting what you want. If you want to get sun-kissed skin, there are numerous ways to getting it.


Due to the harmful effects that sunbathing and indoor tanning give, it’s not surprising that a lot of individuals have turned to self tanning as a means to get the summer glow. Self tanning can be tricky to work around with. In fact, a lot of individuals are put off by it due to the fact that it can be complicated to use.

If you do manage to put on some self tanning, here are some things to consider:

– Let the tanner dry first before doing anything else. This means putting on clothing or even going into a room with a lot of furniture inside. You don’t want to stain your clothes but if you do want to get decent, opt for loose dark clothing. This gives your skin the chance to breathe while also preventing any stains to stick to your clothing. You may want to avoid bumping into furniture as well.

– Avoid taking a bath right after putting on your self tanner. Self tanners are liquid based so if you do happen to take a bath, you’re just going to wash it off.

– Wait a full night to make sure your self tan is already dry then you can go for a massage. Massaging right after a self tanning session will leave your masseur’s or masseuse’s hands tan which won’t be easy to remove and your tan would look disastrous. For extra measure, you can wait a day to really let the self tanner sink into your skin and avoid leaving any odd marks when getting a massage.

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