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Organic is the new trend! From beauty products to clothes, we crave for the organic touch. Why not add the same to your food too? Munching on those chips might seem like a good idea but we all know how harmful they turn out at the end. Hence, the safest way to make your taste buds happy while taking care of your health is with the organic food items. Be it for breakfast or snacking, these organic food items are the new friends that you need. To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best organic food brands in India.

These best organic food brands in India are known for presenting you with such products that are delicious and follow proper preparation process to ensure that your health is not harmed in any way.




Want to pamper your taste buds without adding to the waistline? The products from Nourish Organics present you with exactly the same. With rising awareness among Indian consumers, it has been important for the brands to cater to their changing needs. With the aim of eradicating health issues and improving health, this company presents you with a plethora of products. Each product is carefully prepared to make sure that all the important ingredients are provided to the health-conscious foodies. Some of the products they offer are:

  1. Heath Bars: This product is perfect for those untimely hunger pangs which you feel while working. With seven flavor varieties, they are available in packs of 6 pieces. Some of the most popular flavors of health bar are apricot, banana, and Choco oats.
  2. Snacks (Wasabi Poha): Though there are other snacks, Wasabi Poha is the one that presents you with a wonderful fusion of Japan and India. This power-packed healthy poha is incredibly tasty.

Other than these they also have breakfast cereals, cookies, snacks, nuts, and seed. There are multiple products under each category that you can enjoy. Should you buy their product? Well, that’s for you to decide! Personally, I have developed a likeness for some of their super delicious snacks.




Without the use of artificial coloring or preservatives, their products very well met all the requirements of a good organic food item. Hence, Snackexperts is on the list of the best organic food brands in India. They are known for serving full-flavored and healthy snacks in measured proportions. Besides the regular snacks, they also have a special category for kids.




While they lack multiple varieties but this brand certainly makes up for that in taste. The main products are Kale Crisps, Quinoa puffs, and Grain Stix. However, there are multiple flavors available under each category. The products by this company are certainly a good way to have mid-meal snacks without compromising the health.




Healthy and tasty are the words that will repeatedly come to your mind when you browse through their website. With many options, they have snacks with Indian twists too. Also, they have the option for energy drinks.




If munching is a habit you cannot give up, then this is one of the best organic food brands in India that will be your savior. There are multiple products that will help you in satisfying your untimely hunger pangs. It’s the perfect combo of tasty and healthy.


These were some of the best organic food brands in India. Naturally, if you are keen on giving a healthier turn to your life, then these are the destinations to visit. Do let us know which food item you are picking first!

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