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Brands developed in and with ingredients unique to Australia and New Zealand are capturing the attention of consumers around the world. Te Manna, for instance, a New Zealand–based brand formulates its skin care products with “BioRestore3Plus [a]…trio of native red and green seaweeds (Codium fragile subsp.novae-zelandiae and Aeodes nitidissima and Mamaku – New Zealand Black fern gel),” ​according to the Te Manna site.

The proprietary ingredient said to be “abundant with naturally occurring polysaccharides and peptides, that help to enhance skin’s barrier function, protect against water loss and act as a powerful antioxidant.”

And it’s this sort of local ingredient technology, often coupled with a naturals story, that seems to be resonating in the global market place.

Local naturals

Macadamia nut farmers Ann Leslie and her husband Andrew are behind the Australian skin care brand Pure Nut. A local, natural ingredient strategy is key for the brand: “Personally I think it helps make the brand more credible,” Leslie told Cosmetics Design​ last spring. “Knowing where my ingredients come from and the quality makes it easier to stand confidently behind my brand,” ​she says.

Maria Prosperi-Porta’s New Zealand – based brand Beenigma is all about local sourcing too. “What makes Beenigma and its products unique are its key ingredients, bee venom and Mauka honey, which can only be found on New Zealand,” Cosmetics Design reporter Amanda Lim explains​.

Australian indies

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