Said to be used by Cleopatra on a daily basis as part of her beauty regime, aloe vera has also been relied on for centuries for its healing properties. Also known as the “burn plant,” “lily of the desert” or the “wonder plant,” aloe vera is not only wonderful for relieving burns but it is also an amazing botanical you can add to your beauty routine to help promote naturally healthy skin.

Why do we adore aloe so? Let me count the ways…

Benefits of Aloe Vera

1. Amino Acids

Of the 22 required human amino acids, aloe has 20. 7 of them are part of the 8 essential amino acids our bodies don’t produce.

2. Vitamins and Minerals

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, aloe offers A, C, and E, the trifecta of antioxidants that improve skin quality by combating oxidative stress and promoting cell renewal. Aloe also has a host of B vitamins which promote healthier hair, and minerals like selenium which can protect against wrinkles. It also contains copper, which promotes skin elasticity.

3. Hydration

Medical studies have shown that aloe enhances the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, a natural lubricant that allows skin to hold more moisture and appear smoother.

4. Aloe Increases Collagen Development.

Enough said.

5. Redness Reducing

Glycoproteins in aloe can reduce topical redness and inflammation.

6. It’s antibacterial and antiseptic…

…meaning not only will aloe help heal skin irritation, but it can help prevent occurrences of acne and eczema.


Enjoy fresh aloe gel from the leaf of an aloe plant, or pick up 100% aloe vera gel from your local natural food store.

Article courtesy of Sitarani Palomar

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