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<br /> Almay Healthy Glow™ Makeup + Gradual Self Tan – Almay <br />


  • Dermatologist Tested

  • Fragrance Free

  • Hypoallergenic

This is the creamy foundation that gives skin a lasting glow


Our favorite makeup under the sun that provides skin-perfecting coverage and natural-looking, gradual self-tanner for the ultimate glow.


  • Well, this is brilliant: creamy foundation that renders a flawless finish while simultaneously delivering a hint of believable sunny color that lasts even after you take off your makeup! (For up to 3 days!)
  • The lightweight, medium-coverage foundation formula gives your skin an instant boost, providing coverage that evens tone and blurs pores
  • After 3 days of use, the built-in self-tanner starts to make your skin look as if it had been naturally warmed by the sun, imparting a subtle glow that continues to deepen for a week. Because the color develops so gradually, you never have to worry about random streaks or your face not matching your neck
  • You get broad-spectrum SPF 20 that protects against UV rays and won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • As always, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, clean, and cruelty free
  • Available in 2 shades: Light/Medium and Medium

How To use It

  • For the most even glow, start by gently exfoliating your face before you first apply the product (once a week works) 
  • Tap the bottle on a hard surface and work the pump several times to get all of those glowing ingredients flowing
  • It’s so easy to use! Press the center of the pump to dispense both formulas (foundation and gradual self-tanner) equally
  • Mix everything together—really well—in the palm of your hand
  • Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply, starting at the center of your face and blending outward
  • The self-tanning color starts to develop after 3 days, and reaches its full depth in about a week; to maintain your glow, apply this creamy foundation every day
  • Now this part’s really important: Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water afterward to avoid giving your palms the same gorgeous glow



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