It was just a few months ago that you may have seen Alicia Silverstone dressed like her Clueless character, looking exactly the same as she did in 1995. Quite the feat considering she’ll be 42 in a month’s time. That’s right, people, Cher Horowitz is almost 42. Some might say it’s all in the genes but what the actress, animal advocate and vegan wellness empress really chalks her beauty and agelessness up to is how she eats.

“A beauty routine is not something where I really focus my energy — I’m actually terrible about taking care of my skin. It’s the food that saves me,” Silverstone confessed to Into the Gloss. “I can wear no makeup, and be really, really tired, but if I’ve been eating clean then my skin is glowing, my eyes are white, and I feel great.”

She revealed that prior to her vegan diet — to which she fully committed when she was 21, so literally half a lifetime ago — she had “massive breakouts” because of her cystic acne. Now, those issues no longer exist.

“You may as well throw every single beauty product away if you’re not going to eat clean,” she advised. “Fitness is important, but it’s not going to help you if you don’t eat well.” Silverstone added: “Sometimes I get too busy to exercise, so I’m so grateful I have clean eating as my foundation to rely on.”

As for makeup, she admitted that she doesn’t really wear any unless it’s for work or a photoshoot. When she does, however, she admits she likes products from W3II People, Maison Jacynthe, 100% Pure and One Over One. Silverstone also doesn’t use foundation; rather, she just blends her concealers “very gently.” Her favourites? “Ecco Bella for under my eyes, and Zuzu for spots.”

As far as cleaners go, Alicia admitted she tries “very hard to use only all-natural, ideally organic beauty products.” For makeup removal she’s currently trying out Face Halo and Beautycounter products, and for nighttime she uses Goddess Garden Organics Erase the Day Clay Cleanser. She likes a rose mist and chamomile for toning, prefers serums to creams and enjoys “muddy, dark, crusty” masks. Her soap bar of choice? The Sibu Sea Therapy Face and Body Bar because it “smells good” and she likes the way it bubbles.

Silverstone is also guilty of forgetting to put moisturizer on her body, confessing that she still uses the one she’s had since she was pregnant with her son, Bear — who is seven. Her luscious hair is thanks to Giovanni’s shampoo and conditioner. She also sleeps on wet hair, claiming it “gives it texture” so naturally she doesn’t have a cowlick.

Bottom line, however, is her anti-aging secret — which really isn’t that much of a secret. “If you want to look young, eat greens,” she said. “I know it’s frustrating, but it’s really the truth.” That sound you just heard? Every woman racing to their local grocery store to raid the produce section. Because who doesn’t want to be a total Betty like Alicia?

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