Stefano Curti joined Markwins Beauty Brands in January and has since begun implementing the company’s new strategic vision.

“For me ‘indie’ isn’t about size,”​ Curti tells Cosmetics Design, “it’s about mentality.” ​And he believes that the Markwins Beauty Brands’ approach—to acquisition, talent recruitment, product development, retail partnerships, and more—set the company apart.

Here are 7 of the things Markwins Beauty Brands is doing now to become a well-known and industry leading skin care and color cosmetics corporation.

1. Making tactical deals

Markwins Beauty Brands acquires new brands and businesses for one of two reasons, Curti tells Cosmetics Design: “incremetality or capability.”

Acquiring companies incrementality means that Markwins adds a new category, geography, channel, etc. every time it buys a new business. The company’s recent acquisition of LORAC​, for instance, added prestige beauty. Acquiring by capability means that Markwins buys businesses that add new technologies to its portfolio: formulation technologies, testing methodologies, and the like.

Not only does this strategy ensure that “all the brands can grow at the same time (because none compete)”​ but aslo allows the company “to enrich the way [it] develops products for other brands,” ​explains Curti. And the company approaches joint ventures with the same thinking.   

Just last month the company’s founder and CEO Eric Chen explained the company’s approach to growth this way (in comments quoted on, “Markwins’ expanding success is simple at its core, we respect that different people have different needs. Whether culturally or economically, we understand that we need to satisfy the global consumer by continuing to acquire and develop disparate brands, one brand can’t conquer the world.”

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